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    Welcome to the top resource for micropigmentation in the nation. Our mission at Micropigmentation Nation is to raise awareness about the potential perils and educate consumers on the facts about microblading, permanent makeup and microshading procedures.

    Not All Micropigmentation Artists Are the Same

    Because there are no existing regulations or laws with regard to training, testing standards and application requirements governing micropigmentation artists, as exist with tattoo artists for example, many are undertrained, inexperienced and leave clients with unsightly results at best and permanent disfigurements at worst. 

    Qualified Permanent Makeup Artists Near Me

    That is why so many consumers are using Micropigmentation Nation to find local qualified and experienced professional micropigmentation artists.

    Don’t Take Chances with Your Face

    Micropigmentation of all types can last for years. Use this website to verify that the micropigmentation professional you choose has experience with your skin type. Oily, dry and colored skin all require unique techniques to achieve the very best results. Permanent makeup artists featured here have years of experience overcoming all types of skin issues, minimizing the possibility of an unhappy outcome.

    Share Your Experience with Micropigmentation

    We are asking micropigmentation recipients to share their experiences, both good and bad, as a safeguard and guide for all who are seeking to improve their lives. Include any pictures you may have to post with your experience with microblading, permanent makeup and microshading.

    What is Micropigmentation?

    Think of it like this: simple pigmentation is tattooing, but micro-pigmentation uses much smaller needles aided by a computerized pigment delivery system with special programming for a given procedure.

    The device also determines the best needle frequency for pigment retention. The technician, or artist, controls the needle’s path and the results of the procedure. 

    In short, micropigmentation is the art of applying pigments into the skin to create or improve upon cosmetic features including eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color and even a person’s scalp.

    Permanent Makeup

    Permanent makeup is a longer lasting form of micropigmentation used primarily for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color. The permanent makeup procedure is also used to camouflage scars and for reconstructive pigmentation. The convenience of never having to apply makeup in the morning or remove it at night is why this procedure has become so popular.

    permanent makeupAllergy sufferers as well as those who have lost their eyebrows from chemotherapy treatments or alopecia, celebrate the confidence and freedom permanent makeup provides them.



    Microblading is the latest and perhaps most exciting technique of micropigmentation that creates the most natural looking eyebrows. Microblading, sometimes simply referred to as blading, or 3D eyebrow embroidery, allows a more natural looking hair-like stroke to be administered than permanent makeup which may appear slightly more synthesized in comparison.

    While some consider it a disadvantage that microblading only lasts about two years, others appreciate the ability to update the color and shape of their eyebrows more frequently than with permanent eyebrows which last up to six years.

    FDA Classifies Microblading as Permanent Makeup

    In other countries microblading is considered semi-permanent makeup; but here in the united states it is classified as a form of permanent makeup. The FDA considers anything that lasts in or on the body longer than 6 weeks as permanent.

    Even though microblading fades within 24 months, biopsies show that the pigments used in these procedures will remain in the skin for decades!

    Choosing Your Artist

    As with any niche cosmetic procedure that undergoes explosive popularity there will be technicians, although well-intentioned, who should not in the industry. Consider only those technicians with a professional office address with at least five years of experience. Examine their before and after pictures carefully. Get references whose microblading was applied one year ago. Artists with good reputations can be booked up for weeks or even months in advance, so you may have to wait longer than you’d like; but your patience will be justified!

    3D Hair Simulation

    3D hair simulation, also referred to as scalp micropigmentation, has become a very popular hair loss solution in a very short time. The overnight popularity of this micropigmentation procedure has given rise to many technicians without adequate training, so conduct your due diligence on technicians thoroughly.

    scalp micropigmentation

    The painless procedure, uses very small needles to implant pigments into the scalp creating a buzzed hair look. Usually requiring an investment of several thousand dollars and multiple appointments, it is especially important to choose a reputable clinic.


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    Micropigmentation Horror Stories

    We are beginning to collect horror stories on procedures received from ill trained and inexperienced artists. Please share yours by contacting us so we can help others avoid a terrible experience.

    Learn more on our Horror Stories page.