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    Micropigmentation Technicians in New York

    Find the perfect permanent makeup, microblading or scalp micropigmentation technician licensed in the State of New York for you below:

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    amy | kernahan studiosNew YorkPermanent Makeup and Microblading

    FDA Classifies Microblading as Permanent Makeup

    In other countries microblading is considered semi-permanent makeup; but here in the united states it is classified as a form of permanent makeup. The FDA considers anything that lasts in or on the body longer than 6 weeks as permanent.

    Even though microblading fades within 24 months, biopsies show that the pigments used in these procedures will remain in the skin for decades!

    Choosing Your Artist

    As with any niche cosmetic procedure that undergoes explosive popularity there will be technicians, although well-intentioned, who should not in the industry. Consider only those technicians with a professional office address with at least five years of experience. Examine their before and after pictures carefully. Get references whose microblading was applied one year ago. Artists with good reputations can be booked up for weeks or even months in advance, so you may have to wait longer than you’d like; but your patience will be justified!